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8 Siden sa Kain til sin bror Abel: *«La oss gå ut på marken!»• Og mens de var ute på marken, gikk Kain løs på sin bror Abel og drepte ham.

The Norwegian Bible Society and Verbum Publishing

Bernhard Getz' gate 3
The Norwegian Bible Society was founded as a foundation in 1816, with the purpose of “ …distributing Holy Scriptures”. In 1820, a separate foundation was founded for the purpose of publishing non-biblical, Christian books, later named Verbum publishing house. The two foundations merged into one foundation and publishing house in 2011, after existing as partner foundations for almost 200 years. Today we are located in Bernhard Getz' gate 3, in a building owned by the Bible Society together with the Norwegian Church Aid. Several other Christian organizations also have their offices in this building in the centre of Oslo.

The Bible Society owns all shares in The Bible Society Bookshop Ltd. This is a distribution centre located at Nummestad in Hobøl, outside Oslo.

On the web portal www.bibel.no, you will find information about all the Bible Society activities.


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