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26 Gud sa: «La oss lage mennesker i vårt bilde, så de ligner oss! De skal råde over fiskene i havet og fuglene under himmelen, over feet og alle ville dyr og alt krypet som det kryr av på jorden.»

Bible Translations in Norway 1524-2011

From the reformation there was a common Bible tradition in Denmark and Norway. All Bibles from 1524 to 1854 were Danish translations, because Danish then was the official language also in Norway.

These are the official languages spoken in Norway:

Bokmål (or riksmål) = Standard Norwegian spoken by 75 % of the population

Nynorsk (or landsmål) = New Norwegian, a dialect based language from mid 1800 spoken by 25 % of the population

Northern Sami = an indigenous language spoken by the Sami population in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. Estimated 30 000 speakers in Norway, Sweden and Finland, whereof 15 000 in Norway.

Lule Sami = an indigenous language spoken by Sami population in parts of northern Norway and Sweden. Estimated 2000 speakers in Norway and Sweden.

Southern Sami = an indigenous language spoken by Sami population in Middle Norway. Estimated 500 speakers in Norway and Sweden.

There are a total of 10 Sami languages in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, which all belong to the Finno-Ugritic language group. All are on the UNESCO list of threatened languages. A couple of these (Skolte Sami and Pite Sami) are dying as there are less than 20 speakers left.

The new norwegian Bible translation

On Wednesday 19. Oct. 2011 the Bible was present in all channels in media as the two new Norwegian Bible translations were launched after 12 years hard work. Les mer