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5 Nå går jeg til ham som har sendt meg, men ingen av dere spør: ‘Hvor går du?’

Verbum Publishing

Verbum, which previously was named Andaktsbokselskapet, was established in 1820 and has been operating continuously since then. Every year between 25 and 30 titles are published. Verbum is an independant inter-church foundation. One of the board members come from the Norwegian Bible Society.

Verbum Publishing aims at reaching people who are seeking and reflecting. It is a Christian value based publishing company that wants to communicate meaning and quality through its publications.

Verbum publishes litterature in the crossroads between church, culture and society: debate- and professional books, novels, study- and meditational books, faith educational materials and books for children and youth. 

Epost: post@bibel.noTelefon: 47 97 64 50
Postadr: Pb.6624 St.Olavs plass 0129 OSLO
Besøksadr: Bernhard Getz' gate 3 0165 OSLO