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Bibelselskap over hele verden sender varme hilsener til Norge i forbindelse med terroraksjonen i Oslo sentrum og på Utøya.

Foto: Bibelselskap over hele verden sender varme hilsener til Norge i forbindelse med terroraksjonen i Oslo sentrum og på Utøya.

Bibelselskap over hele verden hilser Norge

26. juli 2011.

Hilsenene til Det Norske Bibelselskap strømmer fortsatt inn fra hele verden. Klikk i menyoversikten nedenfor for å lese kondolansehilsener fra det enkelte land.

United Bible Societies, World Service Centre:

Dear brothers and sisters in the Norwegian Bible Society.

Throughout the United Bibles Societies Fellowship, we have all been shocked and distressed by the recent tragic events in Norway. I would like to send you my condolences and wishes on behalf of all of UBS. Though we are separated from you by distance, we stand with you in sorrow and prayer.

At times like these people often cannot understand where God is in these events or why He allows them to happen. But our Lord Jesus himself suffered and He will comfort us in when we turn to Him in our times of distress, because He is faithful.

Please know of my prayers with you and your country at this time of mourning.

Michael Perreau
General Secretary
United Bible Societies, World Service Centre

United Bible Societies, Africa:


We have read with profound shock and consternation the news on the shootings and bomb blast in your country. Please be assured of our sympathies and prayers in these difficult moments.


David Hammond
UBS Area Secretary
Nairobi, Africa


Dear colleagues and friends in the Norwegian Bible Society!

We, at the Bible Society of Armenia, are shocked to hear this terrible news. We totally condemn this terrible act and pray to the Almighty God to console those people, who have lost their near and dear ones and keep the Norwegian Bible Society and the whole nation under His protection.


Archbishop Yeznik Petrosyan
General Secretary
Bible Society of Armenia


Dear friends,

All believers in Azerbaijan are praying for the peace and safety of Norwegian people. BSA had a special prayer time for the difficult situation, that people had suffered because of bombed.

Yours sincerely,
Gulshan Huseynova, Azerbaijan


Dear friends

I was amazed and shocked to hear of the killings in Norway last weekend. Coming from Belfast I am used to hearing of similar news but to come from Norway is unheard of. I am unsure of the best to pray for you and your country but will trust you to God’s care.

Can I or the BS here do anything to assist? Just let me know if you think of something.


Tony Crook
Manager - International, Advocacy and Heritage
Bible Society Australia

Hello Ole and Stein,

Your countries very sad news fills our news and you can be assured Australians are grieving with you and your people. It was wonderful to see you brother Ole on our TV screen. I thought you would appreciate seeing the email from Charles our CEO. We trust the Lord will use you and other Christians in Norway to bring His message of healing to your hurting people.

Merriel and I send you both our love in Christ,

Prayer for grieving Norwegian families:

Dear Tom

As I was about to write this email, news about the horrific events in Norway began to appear on TV and the Internet. Today's news reports say that 76 people have been killed, and scores wounded. It is difficult to imagine the the shock and grief Norwegian families must be experiencing at this time.

I had intended to write to you about the good things that God is doing in different parts of the world, but out of respect for Norwegian families, we will wait a few days to send that news out. Please join our MegaVoice team in praying for those directly impacted by this tragic event. Pray also for Christians who will minister to survivors in the days ahead. May there be meaningful opportunities for them to comfort those who mourn.

When tragedies like this happen, I am more aware than ever that we live in a fallen world, and that every day is a gift from God. Whether a hate-filled attack is made on your country, your city or on a person you know, all of us need to be ready to meet the Lord. As followers of Jesus Christ, we also have a responsibility to share the Good News with others. May the Lord help us all to be loving, faithful servants as we reach out to others in His name.

In closing, allow me to say that events, like the one in Norway, only makes those of us at MegaVoice more committed than ever to reach people with the salvation so freely offered in God’s Word.

God bless you,
Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice


Dear friends in Norway,

I was shocked as I saw pictures and read about the tragedies in Norway, with more than 90 people dead. Please, be assured of our prayers. Through your reports, it seems that none related to the BS of Norway was hurt. Thank God. On the other hand, this is certainly an opportunity to help people with the comfort and hope that comes from the Word of God.

Warm regards,

Rudi Zimmer (Rev. Dr.), Executive Director
Bible Society of Brazil

Costa Rica:

Estimado Sr. Mydske:

El día de ayer vi en el periódico la tragedia que había sucedido en su país. Inmediatamente ore por usted y su familia y por el personal de la Sociedad Biblica, pero me imagino que muchos cristianos han de estar sufriendo la pérdida de un ser querido.

Nuestra solidaridad con todos esas personas que perdieron a un ser querido y por ustedes. Que Dios , le bendiga siempre le recordamos con cariño.

Mayra Ugalde H.
Directora General
Sociedad Biblica de Costa Rica

Hola amigos en Noruega,

Espero en el poder de Jesucristo que usted, su familia y los empleados de las Sociedades Bíblicas se encuentren bien. Escribo por el acontecimiento de hoy, la explosión en Oslo, para saber si todos se encuentran bien e indicarle que estaremos orando por ustedes.

Kattia Pierre
La Junta ejecutiva de la Sociedad Biblica de Costa Rica


Estimados Hermanos

Nuestra oración y solidaridad ante los últimos y lamentables sucesos ocurridos el pasado viernes contra el hermano país de Noruega. Oramos por los familiares de las víctimas y nos unimos en su dolor en momentos de profunda tristeza. Nuestra esperanza que pronto la Paz que siempre ha sido uno de los más distintivos signos de Noruega y por la que tanto ha luchado vuelva a ser una visible realidad como hasta ahora.

Nosotros en Cuba sentimos un gran aprecio y deuda por el pueblo noruego, por la ayuda que de sus iglesias y otras instituciones hemos recibido durante años y por la cultura de paz por su solidaridad, por su hospitalidad espíritu cristiano.

Nuestras oraciones y acompañamiento desde la Comisión Bíblica.

Fraternalmente en Cristo,

Rev. Alain Montano Hdez
Comisión Bíblica - Consejo de Iglesias de Cuba


Kære venner i Det Norske Bibelselskap

Det er med sorg og medfølelse, at vi i medierne kan følge tragedien, der har ramt Oslo - sprængningen blot få hundrede meter fra jeres kontor. Vi håber og beder til, at nordmændene og det norske samfund må have styrke og visdom til både at klare den øjeblikkelige katastrofe og til at kunne opretholde tillid og åbenhed som bærende værdier uanset dette angreb.

Giv vores varme hilsener videre til vores kolleger i Bibelselskapet.

Med hjertelig hilsen

Det Danske Bibelselskab
Tage Kleinbeck
international chef


Dear friends in Norway,

Rebecca and I have been glued to the TV for the last 24 hours and have been terribly shocked, saddened and overwhelmed by the terrible tragedies you have experienced in Norway.

May God provide you and the wounded and the families and friends of the victims the comfort only He can provide. Words seem insufficient to express our love and concern for you all.

Please be assured of our personal prayers and those of the staff of the Bible Society of Egypt.

With tears,

Ramez Atallah
General Director
The Bible Society of Egypt

England og Wales:

Dear colleagues and friends in Norway,

May I add my own greetings and concern to those of Alexander Schweitzer and assure you of my prayers and those of BFBS. We know how these attacks are challenging and tragic. May the Lord bring some good out of this badness. If you are intending to respond in some way then we wish you every success.

Truly in Christ,

James Catford
Group Chief Executive
Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon SN5 7DG


Dear Colleagues at Norwegian Bible Society

Sometimes silence is more adequate than words, listening more important than explanations, prayer stronger than talking.

Finland is today mourning by having our flag at half-mast. Remembering you and your country.

Markku and the staff

Markku Kotila
Suomen Pipliaseura / Finnish Bible Society


Dear colleagues of Norwegian Bible Society.

Rest be assured of our prayers and solidarity with you all in this difficult and tragic times of your beautiful and peaceful country of Norway. Our prayers are for all the families who lost their loved ones too. It looks as if there is no corner in our globe which can be classified as “ safe” and “ secure”…!! As a global UBS fellowship, we are in the urgency to do more in sharing the Message that provides “ Safety” and “ Security” that the world is not able to maintain.


Hrayr Jebejian
General Secretary
The Bible Society in the Gulf


Dear colleagues

We express our deep sympathy at the terrible terroristic attacks. Our hearts go out to your people, and we pray our merciful Lord to bring His consolation to those whose lives have been affected.

With Christian love

Igor Mikhailov
General Secretary
and the staff of the BS in Belarus


Dear friends,

we are shocked and we share your sorrow for such a loss. We pray for you all and for Norway!

Valdo, Mara, Arianna, Mario and Virginio

Società Biblica in Italia - Bible Society in Italy


Dear friends in Norway,

We are shocked by the cruel massacre and senseless killing of innocent lives and young people in Oslo and Utoya. We pray for all those who have lost family members and friends in these tragic events. We also pray for those who are injured and hurt and traumatized. Praying for all the Norway people during this time of shock and grief and loss and pain.

May the Father of mercies and God of all comfort grant peace and comfort, healing and grace, to all who are grieving and suffering. (2 Cor 1: 3-4)


Kua Wee Seng on behalf of China Partnership team


Dear Stein and Bible Society of Norway

We are so sad to hear about what happened in your land. We are standing with you in prayers!! This reminds us again that we are here to get the Word of God and God’s commandments to this dark world!!

Bible Society of Kyrgyzstan


Dear colleagues!

We in Latvia are shocked to hear about the bomb explosion and shooting in Norway. It easily could happen also in Latvia or in other country of our area. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

At the same time we also see it as a great opportunity and responsibility for our national Bible societies. At least in Latvia journalists are raising questions about fundamentalism, about role of religion in conflict escalation or / and resolution. So all of us feel that we really need God's wisdom to say rights words in right time.

Valdis Teraudkalns
Latvian Bible Society


Dear friends,

It was with much grief and shock that we received the news of the two brutal incidents in Norway. The bombing in downtown Oslo followed by the shooting in the youth camp in Utoya seems almost unbelievable in a safe, peaceful country as yours. This must be one of the darkest hours in your nation's history.

You are in our prayers as you deal with this national tragedy, and we pray for physical and spiritual healing for those who are wounded, those who lost loved ones (92 victims so far), and for the entire nation.

May the Holy Spirit comfort you during these difficult time.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr Michael G Bassous, General Secretary
Bible Society - Lebanon


Dear Norwegian friends in the Lord,

We, of the Malta Bible Society, offer your dear nation our condolences for the two barbaric acts committed against you. We pray that you will be able to overcome this great ordeal which once more will prove God's care for those who suffer.

One with the Lord,

Alfred Gatt,
Chairperson, Malta Bible Society


Dear Stein Mydske and all colleagues of the Norwegian Bible Society,

We were all so shocked to hear about the bomb explosion in Oslo followed by the shooting on Utoya island. So many victims, so much sorrow and sadness and unanswerable questions. Please be assured that we think of the victims and all the families and friends that were affected. We pray for them and for you all in Norway, going through this difficult time.

With awe and respect we have watched the news and saw how the Norwegian people mourn together and comfort each other. The memorial service was impressive: hate cannot win over love. May the love of Christ fill your hearts!

Warm regards,
on behalf of board and all colleagues of The Netherlands Bible Society,

Henk van de Graaf
Cees Jan Visser
Joyce van de Veen, Rieuwerd Buitenwerf, Roger Mullers

Nord Irland:

Dear friends,

A brief message to assure you that we will hold all the families affected in our prayers. I have read the news this morning in disbelief.


John Doherty
General Secretary
Bible House 27 Howard Street Belfast BT1 6NB


Dear friends

At a time when the nation is in pain and in shock over the hate unleashed today against the "country of peace" I want to affirm our love and prayers for blessing, healing, and life. We love you and stand with you and embrace you...

In Christ
Labib Madanat,
Bible Society in Palestine and West Bank

Dear friends at the Norwegian BS,

We, at the Palestinian Bible Society are as well shocked to hear this terrible news, we have no doubt that the enemy as it is mentioned in the gospel of John 0cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

We stand with you in prayers during this difficult time and we totally condemn this terrible and terroristic attack against you and your people. We pray that the almighty Lord covers you with his mercies and grace during this time.

In Him,
Nashat Filmon and the PBS team
Palestinian Bible Society Director


Estimadoa amigos,

Con Pamela vimos las noticias ayer sin imaginar que tan cerca pudieran estar las oficinas de la Sociedad Bíblica. Queremos manifestarte nuestra solidaridad y que Dios pueda dar la paz a todas las familias afectadas y al país en general.

Favor comunica a sus familias que vamos a estar orando por ustedes.

Lic. Pablo Gutierrez Perea
Director de Programas
Sociedad Bíblica Peruana A.C.


Dear all BS Friends,

We are with you, your Bible Society and the Norwegian Society with our thoughts and prayers! May you in the Word we all serve find comfort and peace, and hope.

Małgorzata Platajs and all BS board and staff members in Poland


Dear friends in The Norwegian Bible Society

Words cannot express how horrified we are here in Scotland to hear the news of what happened in Norway yesterday. Please be assured of our prayers for you, for your country and for all those who have been directly affected by the death of a loved one through such sudden, shocking and traumatic events.

As church congregations gather across Norway tomorrow we pray that many will find comfort and hope in our Lord Jesus reaffirmed and be equipped to, in turn, comfort others. Your country will be prayed for in churches around the globe tomorrow - I trust that will be a source of comfort and encouragement.

Please let us know if there is any help we can give or if there are specific prayer requests.

We stand with you my brothers.

With love in our Lord Jesus,


Elaine Duncan
Chief Executive
Scottish Bible Society


Kära vänner i Norska Bibelsällskapet,

Med bestörning och sorg har vi under de senaste timmarna tagit del av den förfärliga och ofattbara informationen från Oslo och Utöia.

Vi delar smärtan och chocken med er alla.

Då vi vet att Bibelsällskapets kansli ligger bara några hundra meter från bombens centrum har vi oroats för skador på byggnad och personal. Nu har vi fått bekräftat av Bernt G Olsen att ni alla är oskadda liksom ert kansli. Våra tankar och förböner går till alla de som fallit offer för gärningsmannens bomber och beskjutning, liksom deras familjer och samhället i stort.

Vi ber om Guds kraft i sorg och saknad, om hopp i all förtvivlan och om vägledning och vishet i allt efterarbete som myndigheter och kyrkor/församlingar och andra frivilligorganisationer nu tar på sig. Om vi kan vara till någon hjälp ber vi er meddela oss.

Med önskan om Guds kraft och vägledning till er alla,

I Kristus, tillgivne


Krister Andersson, Rev Dr
Generalsekreterare/General Secretary
Svenska Bibelsällskapet/Swedish Bible Society


Dear good friends in Norway!

Today I am writing to you as a Bible Society of Syria. We are all so sad hearing the terrible news from your country. So terrible that somebody wants to destroy and kill. And in such a terrible way! I remember a verse in Jeremiah which says: "Who can understand the human heart? There is nothing else so deceitful; it is too sick to be healed!"

We are all so sad and we want you to know that we remember you every minute of the day and will continue to pray for you.

We hope that you will experience the Goodness of God during these terrible days. In Isaiah the Lord promised something beautiful to His people and I want to send this to you and your family, your Bible Society colleagues and all of you in Norway: The Lord says: "Do not be afraid - I will save you. I have called you by name - you are mine. When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you, your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire, you will not be burned; the hard trials that come will not hurt you. For I am the Lord your God!"

We all love you so very much and God be with you,

George and the Bible Society Team in Syria


My Dear Brothers in Christ,

We have received the sad news of the monstrous and senseless acts of carnage to innocent people with a shock and disbelief. It is a national tragedy.

I write on behalf of the Bible Society of Tanzania and on my own behalf to offer you our deepest condolences for this very difficult time of national mourning to the Norwegian people.

We have no words in which we can adequately express our feelings of sorrow and sympathy; only rest assured that we mourn with you.

May our God give you peace, courage and strength as you mourn the dead and encourage the injured and the maimed.


Mkunga H.P. Mtingele
General Secretary
Bible Society of Tanzania


We, the General Secretary and the Staff of the Togolese Bible Society are very grieved by this cruel event that happened to the Norwegian people. Unable to find the right words to express our deep sorrow, we are deeply affected and share in your distress. However, be assured that our hearts are closely united to yours’ during these days of great suffering and national bereavement for the whole Norwegian Nation.

We are expressing our sincere and loving support to the whole Norwegian people.

All our sympathy throughout this terrible hard time.

The General Secretary
Rev. AMEGAH Wolanyo


Dear Colleagues, staff members of the Norwegian Bible Society,

We have taken the news about the tragic death of so many sons and daughters of the Norwegian nation in those dreadful events of the 22nd of July 2011 with the greatest sorrow.

Information about inconceivable and terrible terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya have stirred up the entire civilized world and echoed in our hearts with deep pain. It is the greatest tragedy when innocent people’s lives suddenly broke before their time. It is impossible to comprehend the pain of this loss inflicted to your country.

On behalf of the Ukrainian Bible Society, let us express cordial sympathy in connection to this loss with you and the whole Norwegian nation. We bow our heads in honour to the victims, sharing your grief, sorrowing with you in this hour of distress.

May the loving Lord of Life comfort and support the families and friends of the victims. May this great sorrow bring together the citizens of your country to the only source of comfort and hope – the Word of God. May the frightful events of the last Friday not strike fear and worry into your hearts for the Lord promised to be our Protector and unbreakable Rock that would stand all the tribulations.

All these events are the evidence that we – the Bible Society staff – have to spread the God’s Word and His Message with even more efforts. We wish you firm faith, spiritual and physical strength and confidence that the Lord Himself goes with you in your lives every day.

With the deepest respect and sympathy,
The Ukrainian Bible Society staff


Dear Stein,

Receive our condolences in these terrible times. We, Board and Staff of the Hungarian Bible Society will hold you in prayer in the coming days.

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Rev. Dr. Ottó Pecsuk
General Secretary
of the Hungarian Bible Society


Dear Norwegian friends:

Please be assured of our prayers for you and for Norway. We in NY City are all too familiar with the shock and lingering anguish associated with this kind of evil assault. We also know that God’s grace is sufficient to see us through all difficulties.

Please let us know if there is anything American Bible Society can do assist you.


R. Lamar Vest
President and CEO
American Bible Society

Dear all friends:

Our hearts are broken with yours and your countrymen on this day. We stand together with all Norwegians as you face tragedy on a scale beyond what is imaginable. We love you and pray that God gives you strength to serve the suffering during these days.

Robert L. Briggs
Executive Vice President
Global Scripture Ministries
American Bible Society

Dear friends,

We pray for you and with you in this time of tragedy for your nation. May God be seen through the testimony of his faithful saints in Norway. May the peace of God embrace each one of you and those that will come to faith in him.


Marco Herrera
American Bible Society
Director of International Ministries


Dear Friends and Partners in Norway,

This is just a word on behalf of the wider family of SAT-7 ministries, to express our shared shock and sympathy with you all at this tragic time for the people of Norway. Please accept our sincere condolences and prayers for each of you.

We especially pray that God will bring good from this evil, for the sake of all who have been directly impacted by these events and for the sake of His Kingdom.

In His Unfailing Love and Fellowship,


Terence Ascott | SAT-7 International Office
Chief Executive Officer

Personlige hilsener:

Dear friends in Norway,

My family and I watched the evening news in dismay and sorrow as we heard and saw the reports of the double tragedy that struck your people and the country of Norway today.

In the face of such deliberate and senseless destruction and loss of life, we can only cling to the Promises that we have been given and that we have been blessed to be able to share with many others through the Bible Society ministry of the Word around the world.

We pray for God’s presence and comfort for you and yours—and the Bible Society of Norway—at this moment of great suffering and pain.

God bless.

Phil Noss
Former UBS Translation Coordinator

Käre vänner i Norge!

Det var en hemsk nyhet, då vi kom hem ifrån vår färd norrut, som väntade på oss. Först en bomb i Oslo och sedan det hemska dådet på ön. Ja, vi beder för er och för ert folk ikväll, och det är svårt att gå till sängs de här dagarna, även om vi upplevt Guds beskyddelse på vår resa.

Vi hoppas, att ni skall kunna fortsätta att leva i frihet och utan rädsla för bomber och andra otäcka vapen.

Mycken kärlek,

Tom og Annie Höglind, Beirut, Libanon

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